Amazing Facts
Harry Shoerats, Britain's longest-lived man, who lived until he was 111 years old, worked as a craftsman until he was 104 and cycled to work daily until he was 100, was a very active and healthy vegetarian.


In a landmark scientific study conducted by the Southampton University among 8179 children spanning 20 years, it was found that the most intelligent of them turned vegetarians. Did they become vegetarians because of their higher IQs or did they have higher IQs because they were vegetarians?

One article from Vegetarian Timessuggests that vegetarians are smarter, healthier, and richer:

Furthermore, statistics suggest this educated, health-conscious, rebellious and relatively affluent contingent fits the traditional vegetarian profile......

The animal-rights group PETA has a website that claims a plant diet is the best thing for kids:

Studies have shown that vegetarian kids grow taller and have higher IQs than their classmates, and they are at a reduced risk for heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and other diseases in the long run.

Carl Lewis (named "Olympian of the Century" by S.I.) says the best year of his track career was when he went vegan, and Salim Stoudamire of the Atlanta Hawks says his game has gotten a huge boost since he cut meat, eggs, and dairy products out of his diet. Star Ultimate Fighter Mac Danzig is also vegan......