Amazing Facts
Harry Shoerats, Britain's longest-lived man, who lived until he was 111 years old, worked as a craftsman until he was 104 and cycled to work daily until he was 100, was a very active and healthy vegetarian.

Green dotter

  • Does my jelly contain gelatin made from animal skin, tendons, ligaments?
  • Does my cheese contain rennet, the curdled milk found in the stomach of unweaned calf?
  • Is my favorite soft leather bag made from unborn calves whose mothers have been slaughtered?
  • Do my hair conditioners and soaps contain glycerin and glyceryl stearates derived from animals?
  • Is my paan's chuna made from the shells of marine life?
  • Does my white toothpaste contain bone powder?
  • My white sugar processed using bone char filter?
  • Is it animal fat that sticks my bindi on my forehead?