Amazing Facts
Harry Shoerats, Britain's longest-lived man, who lived until he was 111 years old, worked as a craftsman until he was 104 and cycled to work daily until he was 100, was a very active and healthy vegetarian.

Become the Founder of a Center in your area
Here is Golden Opportunity to make a difference to the lives of people who live around your area.

Start your Veg Congress Center and enroll them. There are many activities that you all can do that will bring immense satisfaction and credit. Activities can include helping schools start small Veg Garden patches, helping villagers grow vegetables and impressing upon the youngsters that a vegetarian diet is a better one on every count. Please visit and get to know the various activities of the veg Congress, rules and regulations governing the centers etc.

In its Golden Jubilee Year, The Vegetarian Congress is planning to start several centers across the nation.Don't miss this opportunity!

Please write directly to the President enclosing the following.

  • A detailed Bio Data of yours
  • Recent photograph
  • A note on :
  • various achievements, awards etc in your life
  • on your family members
  • present occupation and status.
  • number of hours per week you are willing to commit to this cause.
  • two references.

After your proposal is considered in the next Veg Congress central committee meeting our decision will be communicated to you. We hope to be able to welcome you to the Veg Congress family soon.

The President
The Indian Vegetarian Congress
PO Box 515 ChennAI 600008