Amazing Facts
Harry Shoerats, Britain's longest-lived man, who lived until he was 111 years old, worked as a craftsman until he was 104 and cycled to work daily until he was 100, was a very active and healthy vegetarian.

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  • Members should attend all the meetings. If a member is out of town at the time, she/he may attend a meeting at any other center of the Veg Congress.
  • Members should plan and ensure that they spend at least one weekened a month actively participating in projects.
  • Life members will have to pay a one time fee of Rs.10,000/-
    Partons: Rs.50,000/- &
    Institutional Membership fee is Rs.l,00,000/- (25 years)
  • Members should contribute financially, over and above their annual fees, when it becomes clear that existing funds are insufficient to finance on going or new projects.
  • No Member shall collect any donation or money personally on behalf of the Veg Congress.
  • All donations and payments to be routed through the bank accounts of centers / Head Office of the Veg Congress.

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